How to combine two or more lists in Klaviyo

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Learn two different methods of combining multiple Klaviyo lists into one:

Use a segment to combine two or more lists

  1. Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab
  2. Click Create List/Segment
  3. Click Segment
  4. Create a segment with the following definition: 
    If someone is in or not in a list > is in > LIST_NAME
    If someone is in or not in a list > is in > LIST_2_NAME
  5. Click Create Segment
  6. Optional: Click Manage Segment > Convert to List if you'd like to convert the segment into a list

The following image shows an example of what this segment definition would look like. Be sure to use OR connectors when joining the segment conditions to grab contacts from any of the desired lists. Head to our Guide to AND vs. OR for more information.

A segment combining a series of lists

Converting a segment to a list is permanent, and cannot be undone. 

Once you've combined your lists and converted the segment into a new list, update any signup forms and welcome flows to use the new list, rather than either old list. 

Export profiles from one list into another

  1. Identify which list you would like to deprecate (your source list), and which you would like to keep (your destination list) 
  2. Turn any flows associated with your destination list to Manual
  3. Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab
  4. Click into your source list
  5. Click Manage List > Export List to CSV
  6. On the Export Review page, make sure the only property selected is Email
  7. Click Start Export
  8. Navigate back to the Lists & Segments tab
  9. Click into your destination list
  10. Click Manage List > Import Contacts
  11. Import the CSV file you just downloaded, but don't update consent
  12. Wait a few hours, then turn any flows updated in step 2 Live again

If you follow these steps, you don't need to export and re-import any fields other that email, as all events and custom properties exist within the profile and are independent from the list(s) a profile is associated with.

Once these steps are complete, you can delete the source list completely, since all of the contacts will now be in your new combined list. 

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