How to Combine Two or More Lists in Klaviyo

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The easiest way to combine two or more lists is to build a segment that grabs contacts from the desired lists. In this article, we will go over how to do this.

Alternatively, you can export one of your desired lists and then re-add it directly into your other list. Once you do this, you can delete the first list completely, since all of the contacts will now be in your new combined list. Just remember to switch the list ID of any signup forms connected to the old list. 

Before manually uploading contacts to a list, check if it triggers a flow, such as a welcome series. If so, set the emails in the flow to manual before beginning the import. After the import finishes, wait a few hours before setting the flow to live.

Using a Segment to Combine Two or More Lists

The most common use for this is when you have one primary newsletter list, but then create lead magnets on your site to encourage more signups by offering incentives. A single person can only subscribe to a given list once. This means that if someone is already on your newsletter list and is interested in the incentive you're offering through a separate lead magnet, they will not be able to opt-in again if this lead magnet is also linked to the same newsletter list.

When you create different lists for each lead magnet, however, you will likely want to combine them so that you can send your regular newsletter communications to your entire subscriber base. This is when we recommend using a main segment. The following image shows an example of this:


Be sure to use OR connectors to grab contacts from any of the desired lists. Head to our Guide to AND vs. OR for more information.

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