How to remove suppressed profiles from a list

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Learn how to remove globally suppressed and unsubscribed profiles from a list, so your list contains only active, emailable profiles. 

About suppressed profiles

When an email recipient unsubscribes from a list, they are removed from that list. However, when someone unsubscribes from a flow email or email sent to a segment, this person becomes suppressed in the sender's Klaviyo account. The user is considered globally suppressed, meaning their profile will remain intact and appear in lists, but they will no longer receive emails.

For example, if your main Newsletter list has 500 people on it but 5% are globally suppressed, then when you send a campaign to this list, Klaviyo will automatically skip those suppressed users and you'll notice 475 emails were sent.

This process applies only to email subscriptions. SMS consent is not considered or updated when global suppressions are cleaned from a list. 

Remove suppressed profiles from a list

To completely remove globally suppressed contacts from a specific list:

  1. Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab
  2. Use the All types menu to filter for lists, as this process is not available for segments
  3. Select the list you'd like to remove suppressed profiles from
  4. In the upper right-hand corner, click Manage List > Remove Suppressed Profiles
  5. In the modal that appears, click Continue to confirm that you wish to remove suppressed profiles

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