Clean Global Suppressions from a List

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Clean Global Suppressions from a List

When someone unsubscribes from a list, they are removed from that list. When someone wishes to unsubscribe after receiving a flow email, or an email sent to a dynamic segment, the act of "unsubscribing" means something a bit different. This is because it's not possible for someone to unsubscribe directly from a behavior-triggered flow, or unsubscribe from a segment, the same way it's possible to unsubscribe from a list.

When someone clicks to unsubscribe from an email triggered by a flow, or from an email that was sent to a dynamic segment, this person becomes "suppressed" in the sender's Klaviyo account. If you have Klaviyo's global unsubscribe feature enabled (which is highly recommended), this suppressed user is then considered globally suppressed, and Klaviyo will ensure that this user is skipped by all future email sends. 

The key thing to note here is that when someone becomes globally suppressed, this person is not automatically removed from any lists to which they have subscribed (even when you have the global unsubscribe feature enabled). This person's existing subscriptions will remain intact, but the "suppressed" tag will ensure this person does not receive any emails moving forward. If someone reaches out asking to opt back in, you can then simply remove the "suppressed" tag and this person will promptly begin receiving the same emails as before - this person won't have to worry about re-subscribing.

This means, however, that your main Newsletter list may have, say 500 people on it, but it's possible that 5% of those people are actually globally suppressed. If you send a campaign to this newsletter list, Klaviyo will automatically skip all suppressed users and you'll notice that only 475 emails were successfully sent.

There are two ways to send to a clean list that is stripped of any suppressed users:

  • Create a segment that includes the condition, "AND is not Suppressed"
  • Remove Global Suppressions from a list completely

Should you wish to completely remove globally suppressed contacts from a given list, you can do this by navigating to that list, clicking Manage List > Remove Global Suppressions

Learn more in our Guide to Unsubscribes in Klaviyo.

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