Add Custom Properties to a Contact Profile


When you paste or import a list of emails into Klaviyo, you can add additional columns to assign Custom Properties to these contacts. These properties will then automatically populate within each corresponding contact's Klaviyo Profile.

If you would like to add properties to a contact, or group of contacts, that already exist in Klaviyo account, this is also possible.

Import Custom Profile Properties

To import Custom Properties, follow these steps:

Go to the Lists & Segments tab in your account and click Create List. You can name this new list whatever you'd like, as eventually you may want to even delete this list - you will only use it as a vehicle to import these new properties to existing contacts.

When you prepare the file for import, you'll need one column labeled "Email" and then any additional columns will be uploaded as Custom Properties. Pick your column names strategically, as the column name will become the name of the imported property (i.e. Opt In Source, Coupon Code, Shirt Size).


After you have prepared your import file, go ahead and upload the file to your newly created list - make sure to first save your file as a CSV!

When you import this file, all columns that you've included will automatically get added to the right existing contact profiles (we will map to contacts based on email address). If no contact already exists with a given email address, a new contact will get created during this process.

Your imported Custom Properties will then appear within the Information section on the right-hand side when viewing someone profile:


Leverage Custom Properties in Klaviyo

To leverage these properties in Klaviyo, you will use the Properties about someone condition when building a segment or establishing a flow filter.647242
You can also dynamically populate your emails with a Custom Property by using the "lookup" filter:

Your shirt size is:
{{ person|lookup:'Shirt Size' }}
Your shirt size is:
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