Why a Profile Is Queued in a Flow Multiple Times

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If you're seeing the same person queued to receive a flow multiple times, they may have taken the trigger action multiple times. For example, someone could have made multiple purchases in a row or viewed multiple products in the same browsing session.

Smart Sending, when left enabled, will ensure nobody receives more than one email or SMS in the established Smart Sending period (16 and 24 hours by default, respectively). We highly recommend keeping Smart Sending enabled when your flow is triggered by commonly repeated behavior, like viewing a product or being active on site.

Use Additional Filters to Limit Message Frequency

If you want to disable Smart Sending for a flow and are concerned about multiple emails or texts sending to someone in a short period of time, you can also use an Additional Filter to your message that limits how frequently someone can receive a message from the flow.

Make sure to replace INSERT_EMAIL'S_SUBJECT with the actual subject line of the email, and X with the number of days for the period of time you want to prevent users from receiving the email a second time.

Use Flow Filters to Limit Message Frequency

Alternatively, you can add a filter to the entire flow to limit how frequently someone will enter it. To achieve this, add the following flow filter:

Has not been in this flow > Skip anyone who has been in this flow in the last ___ days

Make sure to replace this ___ with the number of days for the period of time you want to prevent customers from re-entering the flow.

This option is not available for list- and segment-based flows, as they only trigger once per recipient. 

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