How to Preview a Flow Trigger Setup

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The flow trigger setup preview tool allows you to check your trigger logic to ensure that your flow is set up the way you would like. This will help you understand how your flow is going to behave based on the trigger and flow filters you've added, giving you confidence that it's set up properly.

Since the trigger setup preview tool only reviews the trigger itself, it will not take into account any additional flow or trigger splits within your flow, or filters added to your messages as those do not determine if someone qualifies to enter the flow. 

The flow trigger setup preview tool is currently only available for list-, segment-, or metric-triggered flows. This feature is not available for date property-triggered flows.

Preview a Flow Trigger Setup

Within the flow trigger setup pane, click Preview Trigger Setup.


In the resulting modal, you can see how the flow will evaluate example recipients as they enter the flow. If you haven't added any flow or trigger filters, everyone will qualify to enter.

  • For metric- and price drop-triggered flows, you can preview the last 10 instances of this metric (i.e., the last 10 events)
  • For list- and segment-triggered flows, you can preview the last 10 contacts added to the list/segment

You cannot preview the flow logic for flows with no real qualified sample recipients.


The banner at the top of the modal will indicate whether or not the sample contact would or wouldn't qualify for the flow based on the trigger setup, and each subsequent checkmark or X will indicate which flow/trigger filters they pass or fail.

The flow trigger setup preview evaluates whether or not someone will qualify to enter the flow. All flow filters will be evaluated again when recipients reach an action step in the flow to ensure they still qualify. In cases where a recipient reaches a step in the flow and no longer qualifies, they will be skipped. For every skipped recipient, the skipped reason will be displayed in the Recipient Activity tab for the individual message. Note that if someone is skipped from one message, they still continue you in the flow. 

Any filters with the since starting this flow timeframe specifically evaluate if something has occurred after someone has already entered a flow. This means upon first entering the flow, everyone will always pass this flow filter by default.

For example, with the Placed Order zero times since starting this flow filter on your abandoned cart flow, everyone will enter the flow because they will qualify as soon as they enter the flow. If they later go on to place an order in the time between entering the flow and receiving the first abandoned cart message, they will be skipped and not receive the message. 

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