How to clone a flow

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Learn how to clone a flow to create another copy of it in your account or copy it to another account.

Clone a flow

To clone a flow:

  1. Navigate to the Flows tab.
  2. Find the flow you'd like to clone.
  3. Click the action button to the far right of the flow's details in the flow list.
    Action button represented as three dots found on the right side of a flow in the flow list view.
  4. Select Clone to view the Clone Flow modal.
  5. In the Clone Flow modal, there are a few different settings:
    • In the Clone Name field, you can change the name of the cloned flow.
    • If you have multiple Klaviyo accounts associated with your user profile, you can clone the flow to a different account by selecting the account in the Clone Destination Account field.
    • In the Trigger field, you can set a new flow trigger.
      Clone Flow modal with fields for the clone name, destination account, and trigger.

How long it takes to clone a flow

The length of time it takes to clone a flow depends on the size and complexity of the flow. Simple flows, like most pre-built flows found in the flows library, will clone instantly. However, complex flows with many components such as messages, splits, filters, or A/B tests may take between a few seconds to a few minutes to clone. 

If a flow is not cloned instantly, the modal will state that the flow will take time to clone, and an in-app notification will appear once the cloning process is complete. You can’t edit the original flow until cloning has finished.

  • In-app notification stating that a flow has finished cloning.

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