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Please note that Analysts cannot edit flow email content.

Within the Email Content tab of a flow email, you will be able to:

  • Update your sender information, including From / Reply-To, BCC, and CC email addresses
  • Edit the subject line of an email
  • Add content either with our robust email template builder, using a template you created previously, or custom coding your own HTML template


Editing the content of a flow has the same options as editing the content of a campaign. There are four email content options based on how you want to create content:

  • Rich HTML / Drag & Drop: Our email editor will automatically optimize your email for mobile and makes it easy to create complex email layouts that will look great on all email clients.
  • Text Based / Simple: If you'd like to send a text only email, this is the option you're looking for. This is a good option for sending an email that looks like it came directly from you rather than your organization.
  • Use Template from Library: If you've created a base template, newsletter template or snack template this is where you should start. You can also choose a template from the template library.
  • HTML Editor: Only use this option if you have your own HTML email template you're importing, or are interested in designing a custom HTML template from scratch.

We recommend taking a few minutes and creating one or more base template for your brand, it's a big time saver!

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