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After you've created a flow and configured the trigger, filters, and emails, you may want to test the first few emails to make sure they look exactly right, especially if the templates contain dynamic variables. There are two types of tests you can work through:

  • Test and preview the email content with real data from your account to make sure the content and all variables are correct
  • Test your flow and flow filter logic to ensure emails are only sent to the people you want to receive them

Test and Preview Email Content

Testing and previewing email content can be quickly and easily done while you're editing each email.

When you click on the Preview icon while editing your email content, you will be able to preview the email with real data from your account. If your flow is triggered by someone taking an action, you'll be able to choose from the last 10 trigger events to preview your email as these customers.


Select the event and person you want to use and choose whether you'd like to preview the email directly in Klaviyo or have it sent to your inbox. This will allow you to preview your emails exactly as your recipients will see them.

For flows triggered when someone subscribes to a list or is added to a segment, the preview settings will contain a search box. This will allow you to preview the email as any profile in your Klaviyo account. You can search by someone's name or email address. You can preview the email with any profile, meaning you can preview the email as someone even if that person is not in the list or segment that flow is triggered by.


Test Your Flow Logic

If your flow has complex filters, you may want to review the first few emails before all enabling your flows to start sending emails automatically. To test your flow logic, set the email you'd like to test to Manual. Flow emails in Manual mode will get scheduled in real-time as if the flow email was Live. However, instead of being sent automatically at the scheduled sent time, the email will not be sent and will be marked for you to manually review.

After you've set your email's status to Manual, you can watch your flow for a set period of time to observe who gets queued up in Needs Review. When someone first enters a flow, they will be placed in Waiting until the scheduled send time. At send time, a flow email set to Manual will move queued up contacts from Waiting to Needs Review if they pass your flow's filters.

Observing how people enter and get queued up for emails when your flow is set to Manual allows you to test your flow trigger and flow filter logic. When emails accumulate in Needs Review, you will have an option to manually send individual emails, manually send all emails, or conversely cancel one or all emails.


Best Practices for Testing Flow Logic

  • If the flow you've created is based on a built-in Klaviyo idea or it's very simple and doesn't need flow filters, e.g. a Welcome Series when someone subscribes to your newsletter, you can set all emails in the flow to live and skip testing the flow logic.
  • If you set a flow to Manual and notice that nobody is entering your flow at all, it likely means your filters are too restrictive or the logic is simply keeping everyone out. Try creating a segment using Klaviyo's Segment Builder that mirrors your flow's setup. If you get stuck, reach out to our Success Team.
  • If you're not seeing the recipients you expect either because there are too many or too few, reach out and our support experts can make sure your logic is correct.

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