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Allowing your subscribers to choose how often they hear from you is a great way to maintain engagement and reduce unsubscribes. If you come on too strong and send to your subscribers very frequently, you risk having new signups unsubscribe right off the bat. If you provide different email frequency preferences, you can preemptively set expectations and provide more relevant content.

Add Frequency Options to Your Newsletter List's Subscribe Page

The first step to segmenting your newsletter list based on frequency preferences is allowing your subscribers to choose how often they hear from you. To do this, you must add additional fields to your newsletter list's main subscribe page. These fields will then be directly reflected on the list's manage preferences page, too. 

When someone signs up or chooses to edit their preferences, a custom property will be added to or changed on their contact profile.


First, add radio buttons to your subscribe page with the frequency preferences you would like to provide. For example, these could be daily, weekly, and monthly. Be sure to select radio buttons so that subscribers can only select a single option.

The Label is the text that will appear on your subscribe and manage preferences pages. The Field Property is the custom property you will be using to build your segments later on. For example, if someone selects the "Weekly" frequency, a custom property where the value Frequency equals Weekly will be added to their profile.

While you cannot edit the fields on a manage preferences page, these options will be reflected from the subscribe page.


After setting up your subscribe page, you can also ask for email frequency preferences in-email using buttons.

Build Email Frequency Segments

Once you collect this information from you subscribers, you can build the segments to include/exclude in your campaign sends. If you make frequency preferences optional, you will need to have a default sending cadence in case a subscriber does not choose any of the options provided. It is usually best to make this a middle ground rather than start sending your subscribers daily emails off the bat.







Subscribers Whose Email Frequency Preference is Not Set

If you make email frequency preferences optional, you will have some people on your newsletter list whose email frequency is not set. It is important that you do not forget to message these subscribers. To get a count of how many people this is, you can build a segment using the conditions:


You can email these subscribers by building a campaign for your newsletter list and excluding your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly segments.


Then, you can build campaigns for your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly segments and send to them as you normally would.

The content that you send to each of these segments should vary. For example, weekly newsletters can be a digest of any new product releases, etc. that have happened over the course of the week, while daily updates can highlight any sales or promotions you're running. Monthly newsletters should be longer and carefully curated since you don't communicate with these subscribers very often.

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