How to change your notifications for SMS conversations

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Learn how to change your notification settings for two-way messaging in Klaviyo. 

Before you begin

To use two-way messaging, you must have turned on SMS in Klaviyo

An SMS conversation is created whenever anyone who’s subscribed to SMS texts your number and doesn’t use a keyword. 

Types of notifications

There are 2 types of notifications you can choose:

  • Email notifications
  • Unread conversations badge
Email notifications

This is off by default. 

Email notifications send whenever you receive an SMS conversation. 

If you choose to enable these email notifications, you must set at least 1 recipient; however, you can add any number of email addresses.

Example of an active email notification with 1 recipient

Unread conversations badge

The unread conversations badge is on by default. 

The badge shows how many unread SMS conversations you have in your Klaviyo navigation menu. Note that this is on a conversation-level, not by the number of messages; if person A texts you 3 times, the badge will show only 1 unread conversation. If persons A, B, and C each text you 1 time, the badge will show 3 unread conversations. 

Navigation bar in Klaviyo showing 2 unread SMS conversations

Change your SMS conversation notifications

To view and change your settings: 

  1. Go to Conversations
  2. Click the gear icon in the sidebar
    Top of the SMS conversations tab, showing the gear icon for Settings
  3. Choose which notifications you want to receive:
    • To turn on email notifications: add the email addresses you want the notifications to send to and then toggle on this option
      All SMS conversation settings, including the notifications
  4. Click Save

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