How to add SMS to an email campaign

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Learn how to implement omnichannel marketing by adding an SMS message to an email campaign. This process allows you to quickly and easily create an SMS message that complements your email. 

This feature is currently available to a limited number of Klaviyo users. If you do not see the Add SMS button mentioned in the steps below, you can still create an SMS campaign and send it alongside an email campaign. Learn how to get started with SMS

Create and send an email campaign 

To start, create an email campaign as you normally would, then schedule it to send. Learn how to create and send an email campaign

Once you have scheduled your email campaign, on the scheduling confirmation page, you’ll see an Add SMS button or banner. If you do not see this button, this feature is not yet available in your account. Instead, learn how to send an SMS campaign

Add SMS to your email campaign

  1. Click Add SMS
  2. In the Review recipients before editing SMS modal, add your SMS list
  3. Click Accept
  4. Review the auto-generated SMS message and adjust as desired
  5. Make sure the message includes a link that is appropriate for the offer you are sending (e.g., if you’re promoting a sale, include a URL to your sale page)
  6. Click Save and continue to review
  7. Review the SMS campaign settings
  8. Click Schedule or Send
  9. Adjust the scheduled send time if desired
  10. Click Schedule
How this feature works

When you click Add SMS, Klaviyo will create an SMS campaign with the same settings from your email campaign’s Name and Recipients step (e.g., your campaign tags, smart sending, and tracking settings). To adjust any of those settings for your SMS campaign, click Back to step 1 from the Review recipients before editing SMS modal. 

By default, the SMS generated by Klaviyo will use your email campaign’s subject line and preview text. This suggestion is fully editable. 

If the subject line and header text from your email are longer than 160 characters, only the first 160 characters will be used for your SMS campaign. If they contain emojis, only the first 70 characters will be used. These limits will minimize the number of SMS credits used when you send the SMS campaign. 

Recommended scheduling strategies for SMS campaigns

Because SMS subscribers tend to be VIPs and frequent buyers, Klaviyo recommends sending offers or announcements via SMS before you send them via email. Generally, our SMS scheduling modal will suggest a send time 4 hours before your email campaign is scheduled to send. 

There are a few reasons why the suggested send time for the SMS may be more or less than 4 hours before your email campaign’s send time: 

  • There is not enough time for the SMS campaign to send 4 hours before the email campaign. 
  • Klaviyo does not recommend sending before 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m. in a recipient’s local time zone (i.e., don’t send during SMS quiet hours) to avoid interrupting your recipients’ sleep and to follow compliance best practices. If your email is scheduled to send near SMS quiet hours, your recommended SMS send time will be adjusted to send earlier or later. 

Analyze your campaign results 

Once your email and SMS campaign has sent, review your results. 

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in Klaviyo 
  2. Click the email or SMS campaign you sent
  3. Click Channel breakdown
  4. View the recipient counts, click rates, and revenue from the email and SMS versions of your campaign 

The Channel breakdown tab will only appear on campaigns that added SMS via the button the email campaign scheduling confirmation page. 

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