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Learn which internet browsers and versions are supported when accessing Klaviyo. 

Note that if you have trouble accessing Klaviyo, you may need to update your internet browser to a newer version. 

Browser support policy

Klaviyo supports versions of the following internet browsers from the past 2 years: 

  • Chrome
  • Edge 
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari 

Most operating systems include compatible browsers (e.g., Windows 10 has Edge). 

You may be unable to use Klaviyo if you: 

  • Are on an older version of the above browsers
  • Use a browser not listed
  • Have extensions that affect how your browser displays content (i.e., ones that modify your user agent) 
  • Have disabled JavaScript in your browser

Please make sure your browser is up to date so that you can get the best possible Klaviyo experience, including all the latest features and security updates. 

How to check which version of a browser you have

If you’re experiencing issues accessing the Klaviyo app using one of the browsers listed above, find out which version you have. Below, we link to instructions on how to check which version you’re on: 

If the version is 2 years or older, we strongly recommend updating your browser.

Why these browser versions are required 

Klaviyo requires that browsers support a security standard called transport layer security (TLS), specifically TLS 1.2. This ensures that a browser uses reasonable security when connecting to the Klaviyo app, hosted pages, or any other content hosted and managed by Klaviyo. 

Up-to-date versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge will support this without any extra steps.

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