How to add coupon codes to sign-up forms

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Learn how to add static and unique coupon codes to your sign-up forms to drive higher submission and conversion rates, and encourage customers to spend more on your site. It’s a best practice to add the coupon code directly to the success message of your form, as it allows your shoppers to copy and claim the coupon without leaving your site.

  • Unique codes
    Unique, also called "dynamic," coupon codes are a random series of numbers or letters that a recipient can use one time. Each recipient will receive their own coupon code, and no two recipients will have the same code. Unique coupon codes are typically longer and more complicated than static codes.
  • Static coupon
    Static coupon codes means that there's a single code for all customers to use (e.g., Welcome20). Every person will receive the same code and be able to use it on your site. Static codes can be shared out; however, they are easier to remember and use. 

Before you begin

The ability to show static and unique coupon codes in success messages is currently available for Shopify users and uploaded coupons only. If you have not already, read our guide on how to integrate with Shopify for step-by-step instructions on integrating. 

This guide will walk you through how to display coupon codes (unique or static) on a new form and existing ones to help you amplify these results. 

Display a coupon in your form

  1. To begin, navigate to the Sign-up forms tab. From here, you have a few options for creating a form with a coupon in it.
    • Option 1: Choose a pre-built template with coupons from the Form Library, which you can then style to fit your brand and goals. 
    • Option 2: Edit one of your existing forms to add in a coupon.
    • Option 3: Build a new form from scratch to include a coupon.

With any of the options above, you can easily add a coupon block in the form builder. You have the option to choose either a static or a unique coupon code.

Add a coupon block to the success step of your form

Much like adding a text block to any form, you can easily add a coupon block in the form builder. Follow these set up instructions for both static and unique coupons:

  1. Open the new or existing form that you would like to put the coupon in.
  2. Click Success along the top of the page to navigate to your form’s Success step.

  3. On the left side of the Overview page, click on the Add Blocks tab.
  4. Under Elements, click and drag the Coupon block. Drag this to where you would like the coupon to appear in your form.
  5. Click the Configure Coupon modal in the form. In the settings menu that appears on the left side of the builder choose to set up either a static or unique coupon in your form. 

Set up a static coupon in your form

  1. At the top of the coupon settings menu, select Static Coupon
  2. Type the name of your static coupon code in the textbox (e.g. Welcome20). If you do not have an existing static code, you will need to manually create one in Shopify.
  3. If you created a new static code, reload the form builder page before typing it into the textbox
  4. Edit your block styles (background color, corner radius, border style, border thickness, and padding) to your satisfaction.
  5. When you’re finished editing, click Create Coupon.
  6. Click Publish.

Set up a unique coupon code in your form

At the top of the coupon settings menu, select Unique Coupon. Depending on if you are using a Shopify coupon or uploaded coupon, your setup will differ slightly.

Shopify coupons

  1. Choose Shopify Coupon as your Unique Coupon Type
  2. Click the dropdown next to Unique Coupon to either choose an existing coupon, or click the plus sign (+) to create a new Shopify coupon
  3. If you chose to create a new, unique Shopify coupon code, a modal will populate asking you to:
    • Name your coupon (e.g. 10OFF), and add an optional Prefix
    • Select the type of discount that you would like to offer your customers (fixed amount, percentage, or free shipping)
    • Choose the settings for how your coupon will operate (amount, application, activation, and expiration)
    Note that if you select Never or On a specific date for Expiration, Klaviyo will generate an initial batch of 600 unique codes when the coupon is added to the form, and will generate more codes once the number available drops below 400. If you select After a certain number of days/hours, Klaviyo will generate a batch of 600 codes each day.
  4. Click Create Unique Shopify Coupon in the bottom right corner. This will take you back to the form builder with the newly created coupon code selected to use in the form. 

Uploaded coupons

      1. Choose Uploaded Coupon as your Unique Coupon Type
      2. Click the dropdown next to Unique Coupon to either choose an existing coupon, or click the Create uploaded coupon link
      3. If you chose to create a new uploaded coupon, the form will open in a new tab asking for the following details:
        • Name your coupon (e.g. 10PERCENTOFF)
        • Expiration date
      4. Click Create Coupon in the bottom right corner. This will bring you to the Coupons page.

        If you chose to create a new uploaded coupon, you will want to upload these codes before publishing the form so each customer can receive a coupon after filling out your form. 

      5. On the Coupons page, select the Uploaded Coupons tab at the top to see a full list of your uploaded coupons
      6. Click the 3 dot menu (...) to the right of the uploaded coupon code ‌you would like to use for your form
      7. Choose Add Codes from the dropdown menu
      8. Upload your CSV file to process these codes. You can reference this guide for assistance with uploading.
      9. Go back to the form builder tab and reload the page
      10. Click back into the Success step and select your new uploaded coupon from the Unique Coupon dropdown


Add a fallback coupon

Once you have your unique coupon codes configured and selected, we highly recommend adding a fallback coupon before you publish the form. This is a static code that will only appear if you run out of unique coupon codes, so that your customers will still receive some coupon. 

You will need to either create a static coupon in Shopify, or upload one into Klaviyo first to paste into the fallback coupon textbox (e.g. 10PERCENT).


Finish editing and publish your form

Once you have coupons set up for your form:

  1. Make any final styling changes to the look and text of your coupon
  2. Click Publish in the top right corner
  3. Go to your site and reload the page to see your form appear.

    It may take a moment for the form to appear on your site while the unique coupon code generates. 

  4. Fill out the form to test that your coupon has processed correctly. Once it has, customers will receive a coupon code directly in the success message of your form.

Note that if you used a static or unique Shopify coupon in your sign-up form, it will automatically apply to a customer's Shopify checkout page when they copy the code from the form's success message.


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