How to disable notification emails sent by BigCommerce

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Learn how to disable different types of notification emails sent by BigCommerce. If you are currently sending certain emails with BigCommerce - such as abandoned cart or order status emails - and plan to start sending them via Klaviyo, you will need to disable these emails in BigCommerce to avoid sending them twice. 

Before you begin

Make sure to disable an email right before you turn on the corresponding flow in Klaviyo to avoid a gap in sending. 

The following emails can be disabled in BigCommerce:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Account details changed
  • Combined order status
  • Create account
  • Create guest account
  • Gift certificate
  • Invoice 
  • Order message notification
  • Order status update
  • Product review request
  • Return confirmation
  • Return status change

Passwordless login and password reset emails for customers cannot be disabled in BigCommerce. 

Most emails can be disabled in the Email Templates List, but order status emails can only be turned off in Advanced Settings

How to disable emails from the email templates list

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce admin
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Email Templates
  3. Under Sending, uncheck any emails you wish to turn off Email templates list in BigCommerce with all email types that are able to be disabled checked On

The updates you make will be saved automatically.

How to disable order status emails

Order status emails inform customers of their order status beyond the initial order confirmation email, such as Order status changed to Pending or Order status changed to Awaiting Shipment

To disable these emails:

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce admin
  2. Navigate to Advanced Settings > Order Notifications
  3. Under Email Customers When, you can deselect the emails you no longer wish to be sent from BigCommerce
  4. Click Save List of order notification emails in BigCommerce with all boxes unchecked


You have now disabled the BigCommerce email types you selected. Now, you can start sending with Klaviyo.

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