Understanding the company information link for an SMS

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Learn about the company info link for SMS messages.

Note that linking to your company information is required in certain jurisdiction. We do not recommend disabling the company info link.  

Why link to your company information in an SMS

Certain jurisdictions, such as Canada, require contact information in every commercial electronic message, such as emails and SMS. Per their rules, each message must have: 

  • A valid mailing address (which must be valid for at least 60 days after your message is sent)
  • At least one of the following
    • Email address
    • Web address 
    • Phone number to reach an agent or voice messaging system

Simply adding these details to an SMS takes up too many characters; instead, it's better to add a clearly marked link that provides this information. 

About the company info link 

Klaviyo automatically includes a link to your company information when sending to a country that requires this. 

For example, if you send the same message to both the US and Canada, Canadian subscribers will also see a link to your company information, while US recipients will not. The only exception is for the few area codes that the US and Canada share, as there's no way to differentiate what country a phone number belongs to. 

How do I check if the company info link is enabled?

You can double-check that the company info link is enabled by navigating into the SMS and clicking the Compliance tab. Here, you will also see which countries will receive the info link. 

Does the company info link count toward click rate?

No. If someone clicks on the contact information link, it does not count toward the click rate for the message. 

Where does the company info link get information from?

The link pulls the contact information from your account's organization page.

To edit this information, navigate to Account & billing > Contact Information > Organization

Organization contact information page, where the contact info link pulls from

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