How to Disable SMS Consent at Checkout on Shopify Plus

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If you previously started collecting SMS consent at checkout on Shopify Plus before X, you must remove the Klaviyo code snippet from your theme files. You can then collect consent using the more streamlined process outlined in How to Collect SMS Consent at Checkout on Shopify.

Here, we run through disabling SMS consent for Shopify Plus. This should take around two minutes to complete. 

In Shopify Plus: Remove the Code Snippet

In Shopify, navigate to Themes > Actions > Edit Code


Click into checkout.liquid on the left. Here, we recommend searching for "Klaviyo" to locate the correct code snippet, as it can be located anywhere in this page. For our example, it is located at the very bottom and appears as: <script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Click Save

Follow this guide to migrate to the new method of collecting SMS consent at checkout

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