How to Collect SMS Consent at Checkout on Shopify Plus

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Collecting phone numbers at checkout is the most seamless way to get new SMS subscribers. Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify Plus allows you to take advantage of this option as long as you have the right settings turned on.

Note that these steps are only applicable to Shopify Plus accounts and not Shopify in general. Also, you will only be able to collect SMS consent from recipients in countries where Klaviyo SMS is available

In this article, you will gain step-by-step instructions for how to enable consent at checkout for Shopify Plus, which should take around 5–10 minutes. We recommend opening Klaviyo and Shopify Plus in two separate tabs so that you can easily navigate between them.

Before Jumping In

If you haven’t already, you will need to first:

  • Set up Klaviyo SMS
  • Update any relevant legal documents
  • Have a Shopify Plus account

For the first, go to Account > Settings > SMS and then click Set Up SMS. For more information about this process, read this article on setting up SMS in Klaviyo.

TCPA and CTIA require that you update your terms of service and privacy policy to explain how your brand will handle people subscribing to text message marketing from your brand. For inspiration, see our sample language around SMS marketing for a mobile terms of service; however, you should always consult your legal counsel when making such changes.

Tip: Keep the links for your terms of service and privacy policy readily available for when you change your integration settings in Klaviyo, as you’ll need to input them to finish the update.

In Klaviyo: Update Your Integration Settings

The first step to collecting SMS consent at checkout with Shopify Plus is changing your integration settings

Navigate to the Integrations tab and then select Shopify from the list of enabled integrations.


Under Collect Subscribers, click the Collect SMS Subscribers checkbox.


After you check this box, a modal will appear to make sure you’ve updated your terms of service and privacy policy for SMS marketing. Now, click Continue.



Next, add the list you want SMS contacts to sync to. If you are also gathering email subscribers, assign different lists for each channel. Having separate lists helps to organize channel-specific communications as well as to avoid confusing email and SMS consent, since the regulations are different for each.


Next, add links to both your terms of service and privacy policy so that language is automatically added to prompt shoppers to opt in to SMS.


Copy the snippet of code. Note that, until you paste it in Shopify Plus, you'll see an information box telling you that the code isn't yet detected; however, this is not a blocker to updating your integration settings. 


Click Update Settings in the lower right and then navigate to Shopify Plus.

In Shopify Plus: Paste the Code Snippet in Your Theme

Pasting this copied snippet of code in your Shopify Plus store will add a new checkbox and language for SMS opt-in. 

In your Shopify store, click on Themes under Online Store. Click the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit Code.


Navigate to your checkout.liquid file on the left-hand side. Paste the snippet of code anywhere in this page. For this example, we’ll paste it at the bottom.


Click Save in the upper right-hand corner.

Once saved, your checkout page will look similar to the one shown below.


Note that the Send me news and special offers via text message field is not required; customers can still check out if they do not click this box. 

Consent will now start syncing to Klaviyo when someone enters their phone number, selects the checkbox to accept SMS marketing, and clicks Continue to Shipping, making it easier and faster to grow your SMS list.

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