How to export your benchmarks

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Learn how to export Klaviyo benchmarks data for future analysis. Exporting your benchmarks data allows you to keep a record of your peer group and industry benchmarking results as you grow your business. 

Line graph data is only available for exporting when viewing multiple periods of time. Read our guide on how to use and review benchmarks reports to help craft your marketing strategies.

Export your benchmarks

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Benchmarks.
  2. To export your benchmarks, navigate to the specific benchmarks tab (i.e., Overview, Business Performance, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Flows, or Signup Forms).

The Benchamrks Page navigation with the Overview, Business Performance, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Flows, and Signup Forms tabs

3. In the upper right-hand corner, above the data visualization, click Export.

Export button highlighted in the upper right corner

4. A pop up will appear, prompting you to select a time range for your export. Select your chosen range from the dropdown. Note that you can export up to one year’s worth of data.

Timestamp data in your export will display in your account's local time from your settings.

5. Click Export Benchmark Data.

Export benchmarks modal with timeframe chosen as last quarter

6. A message will appear showing that your download will be ready shortly. When your report is ready, your download will be accessible from the Notifications inbox (i.e., the bell icon) in the top navigation. Click on the applicable report from the inbox to start the download. 

Notifications bell icon clicked and exposing dropdown of downloaded reports

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