How to Collect SMS Consent at Checkout on BigCommerce

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Gathering consent for SMS marketing on your checkout page is the simplest way to grow your list. BigCommerce stores can take advantage of this with Klaviyo, allowing you to extend your reach with text message marketing. Consent will be synced to Klaviyo when someone inputs their phone number, opts into SMS marketing, and clicks Continue in the Shipping step on the checkout page.

This guide explains how to start collecting SMS consent at checkout for BigCommerce. This should take about 5–10 minutes total. To make it easier, we recommend logging into your BigCommerce and Klaviyo accounts and keeping both open.

If you manually installed the Klaviyo.js and specified the checkout page, you will not be able to also collect SMS consent at checkout. We recommend removing Klaviyo.js and then re-installing it automatically. For instructions, see our guide on integrating with BigCommerce.

Before You Get Started

You must enable SMS in Klaviyo before you can start collecting consent at checkout. If you haven’t, read this guide on how to set up SMS. Note that you can also only collect SMS consent from US, Canadian, UK, and Australian numbers. 

You must also update your privacy policy and terms of service. In these documents, detail what customers should expect when they subscribe to SMS marketing from your brand.

Tip: Have the links for your privacy policy and terms of service ready, as you will need them when you update your Klaviyo integration settings.

In Klaviyo: Update Your Integration Settings

First, navigate to your integration settings for BigCommerce. To do so, click Integrations > BigCommerce.


In the Collect Subscribers section, check the box for Collect SMS Subscribers. After you select this box, a modal will appear to confirm that you have edited your privacy policy and terms of service. Click Continue.


Select the list you want SMS subscribers to sync to. Note that you should use a different list for SMS than email if you are also collecting email subscribers. Assigning a separate list for each channel ensures that consent is properly applied to the correct channel.


Below the list, paste the links for your privacy policy and terms of service. Inserting these links will automatically add language to the checkout page for opting into SMS when you finish enabling consent at checkout.


Copy the code snippet and keep it on hand. Then, click Update BigCommerce Settings to save these changes and go to your BigCommerce store.

In BigCommerce: Add the Script via Script Manager

In your BigCommerce store, navigate to Storefront > Script Manager. Choose Footer for the script's location on page, then select Checkout where the script will be added. 

Next, select the most applicable script category. For SMS consent at checkout, we recommend that you pick Targeting; Advertising.



Choose Script as the script type, then paste the snippet of code in the Script Contents box below.



When you have finished making your selections and have pasted the script, click Save.

Next, you'll likely need to adjust the placement of the field on your checkout page so that the SMS opt-in checkbox is placed below the phone number field. To do so, head to Advanced Settings > Account Sign Up Form


Click into the Address Fields tab. There, move the phone number field to the bottom of the list. 


Your checkout page will now look similar to the one shown below.


Now, when someone enters their phone number, selects the checkbox to accept SMS marketing, and clicks Continue in the Shipping section, they will automatically sync to your designated Klaviyo list, making it easier and faster to grow your SMS list.

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