How to Segment Using Average Order Value (AOV)

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Average order value (AOV) is the total monetary value of your conversions (orders) divided by the number of conversions (orders that took place). You can use AOV to create segments for high and low value customers. Then, use these segments to create targeted messaging based on your subscribers' shopping habits. In this article, you will learn how to segment using AOV.

Note that AOV will only populate in Klaviyo if you have a Placed Order metric in your account.

Target Your High and Low Value Customers

After calculating your AOV, you can use this number to add a condition to your segment to target either high value or low value customers. For this example, we will use an AOV of $100 to keep things simple. We will be using the Predictive analytics about someone condition to build these segments.

To target high value customers (e.g., customers with an AOV of above $100), add the following condition to your segment.


To target low value customers (e.g., customers with an AOV of below $100), add the following condition to your segment.


By adding this condition to a segment, you will refine the group to only include those with either high value purchases or low value purchases. Then, target these segments accordingly with content that reflects this shopping behavior. For example, you can offer sales and deals for low value customers and show new releases that may be on the pricier end to high value customers.

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