How to Bulk Update Flow Statuses

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When you have several actions in a flow and you want to change their statuses all at once, you can use the Update All Action Statuses option in the Flow Builder. This makes it simple to, for example, set an entire flow live in one click or pause all activity quickly by turning actions to manual or draft. This article runs through how to perform a bulk update for flow action statuses in Klaviyo.

Using Bulk Update for Flow Actions

In a flow, use the Manage Flow dropdown menu and click Update All Action Statuses.


A modal will appear where you can choose what status you want to bulk change all existing actions to:

  • Draft
  • Manual
  • Live


When you click Update Status, the current status of every configured action in your flow will automatically update to the new status you selected.


Unconfigured draft actions cannot be turned manual or live until configuration is complete. If there are any unconfigured actions, a warning message will appear. This message tells you that if you choose to update the flow actions to manual or live, all unconfigured actions will remain as drafts.2020-08-28_10-58-43.png

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