How to Analyze SMS Data

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After you’ve implemented SMS messaging into your campaigns and flows, you can assess the results for each of your message sends. How can you assess how effective your SMS messages are at growing your business? In this article, we’ll go through key SMS metrics and look at SMS messages in your analytics view to ensure you’re optimizing your SMS marketing.

Key Metrics for SMS

There are SMS-specific metrics that highlight how your SMS marketing is performing:

  • Click Rate: percentage of people who click a link in your SMS out of the total people who receive your SMS
  • Conversion Rate: percentage of people who place an order after clicking a link in your SMS out of the people who receive your SMS
  • Revenue per recipient/message: the total revenue attributed to SMS divided by the total number of people who received your SMS within that time frame
  • Number of Subscribers: number of people subscribing to receive SMS communication
  • Opt Outs: number of customers unsubscribing from SMS communication
  • Resubscribers: number of customers who opted out from your communication and opted back in
  • Unsubscribe rate: percentage of people who unsubscribe out of the people who receive your SMS

For more information about SMS metrics, head to the article on SMS Metrics.

See an Overview of SMS Performance on Your Dashboard

When it comes to understanding how your flow text messages are performing, Klaviyo has you covered with the flow dashboard. Head to Dashboard > Analytics.

For flows, select Flows Overview from the dashboard view dropdown; as for campaigns, select Campaigns Overview. From there, scroll to the bottom to see the average daily placed order rate by attributed flow message, average daily click rate by attributed flow/campaign message, and total value of revenue by attributed flow/campaign message. In each of these cards, scroll to see how your SMS messages are performing.

Your attribution window will affect how conversion is attributed to flow email and SMS messages. For more information, head to our article on Conversion Tracking.

Analyze an SMS Flow

Additionally, you can view your SMS flow performance within the flow itself using the:

  • 30-day analytics snapshot
  • Visual canvas
  • Flow message overview
  • Recipient Activity tab
  • Link Activity tab

For more details, read this article on flow analytics

Analyze an SMS Campaign

For campaigns, there are also several different options for reviewing performance, including: 

  • Overview in the Campaigns tab 
  • Overview for an individual campaign
  • Recipient Activity tab
  • Link Activity tab

Check out this article on campaign analytics to learn more. 

Evaluating SMS Data

Typically, SMS engagement rates are higher than those of email. If you’re getting worried about your metrics, there are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  • Does the link go to the right URL?
  • Do you follow up on any discounts offered?
  • Is the copy within your text message compelling?
  • Is your flow split by customer action?
  • Is the content within the message personalized?
  • Have you created a sense of urgency or scarcity?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, go back and work through the content of your SMS so that it’s as enticing as possible.

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