FAQ: How do I remove someone from a list automatically?

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How do I remove someone from a list automatically?

To have a profile automatically removed from a list the customer must do one of the following: mark the email as spam, unsubscribe, hard bounce one time, soft bounce seven consecutive times, or you can manually suppress the profile.

If you want a single customer to be removed from a list, you can navigate to their profile and click Remove next to the List name.

If you want to bulk remove customers from a list, you can either suppress those customers or re-create your list without those customers included. To do that, upload a list of the customers you want to remove from your main list. Then, create a segment of customers who are in the main list and not in the removal list. You can then utilize the "manage segment" drop-down to convert that segment to a list, which becomes the latest version of your main list. 

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