How to change your sender email address and sender name

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Learn how to change the sender email address and sender name in your Klaviyo account. 

If you’re finding that your emails end up in the spam folder when you're first getting started with Klaviyo, it may be the case that your sender email address is a Gmail, Yahoo, or another free email address. Sending mass email from a personal address can cause inbox providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc. to flag your messages as spam, as this is considered to be suspicious activity. 

Before you start sending to your customers, make sure that you have an email address that includes your domain name. For example, you’ll want your sender email address to look like This indicates to inbox providers that you are a legitimate sender with a legitimate business.

Changing your sender information

To edit the default sender email and name settings for your business, click on the account menu in the bottom-left and select Account & billing. Then, navigate to Contact Information > Organization and edit the default sender email address or sender name. Click Update Information to save your changes.


After changing your default sender email address or name, any email you create after will reflect this. However, pre-existing flows and campaigns do not automatically update; rather, you will need to manually update each email. Prioritize high-engagement flows such as your welcome series, browse abandonment, and abandoned cart flows so you can set them live quickly. See the section below for more details.

Changing your sender information for a single email

For a campaign or flow email, click into the email and navigate to the message overview page. Here, you can edit the sender email address or name directly.

Click Save Changes to save your updates.


Changing your reply-to email without changing your main sender email

If you change your sender email for a single email in a flow or campaign, it will be used as the reply-to address by default. To update the sender email without it being set as the reply-to address, uncheck the box that reads Use this as your reply-to address for a campaign or flow email.

Checkbox that allows you to set different reply-to address for campaign or flow email

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