Create a Sunset Flow

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A sunset flow is designed to phase out customers who are no longer engaging with your brand. You can use this flow as a last-ditch effort to win back their business, and then delete or suppress anyone who is not responsive. This will help you maintain a clean list and prevent you from sending to unengaged subscribers and possibly harming your deliverability.

Set Up a Sunset Segment

A sunset flow is triggered by being added to a particular segment. Your segment should be defined by the following engagement criteria:


These conditions are designed for those who send daily to their customers. If you don't send every day, you can push the timeframe from 90 days to a larger number, like 180 days.

By capturing people who have engaged in the past, but not recently, you'll be able to weed out anyone who is totally unengaged and unlikely to respond to your content. Anyone who has been on your newsletter list for more than 90 days and has never opened or clicked an email should simply be suppressed. They do not need to go through a sunset flow since they are highly unlikely to respond and sending more emails to them may negatively impact your deliverability.

Additionally, you may want to add an OR condition to the segment outlined above that includes people who have ever placed an order.

Set Up a Sunset Flow

Build a flow that is triggered by being added to your sunset segment.


Next, add a flow filter to exclude anyone who opens or clicks an email since starting the flow. Anyone who engages your sunset email (or any other email you send them while they're in the flow) will automatically be removed from the flow and will not be tagged for suppression.


Add an email that prompts customers to unsubscribe if they are no longer interested in receiving emails from you. Give them the option to browse your site if they do want to remain subscribed. 

Anyone who unsubscribes will be suppressed automatically, with no further action needed on your part.

Next, drag a time delay in to give recipients a grace period to open or click the email.


Last, drag in an Update Profile Property flow action. This will tag those who do not engage with the email and are passively indicating that they would like to unsubscribe. Configure this tag to specify that these contacts should be suppressed. You can do this by creating a new boolean property where the "Suppress" value will be "True."


Once unengaged subscribers are tagged as Suppress = True, they will exit the flow.

Create a Suppression Segment

Create a new segment that leverages the tag you give to unengaged subscribers who go through your sunset flow.


You will need to monitor and periodically suppress this segment. You can also exclude this segment from all of your campaigns in the interim to ensure that you don't email anyone who is not engaged.

Content Best Practices

We recommend using plain text and being as personal as you can in the email by using the {{ first_name }} tag and a from address like "Marissa from Klaviyo." Include content about any new products that have been released since they've become unengaged and consider offering a discount to entice them to buy. 

You will want to include prominent unsubscribe and manage preferences links, in case subscribers want to update their settings rather than unsubscribe completely. 


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