How to Add an Update Profile Property Action to a Flow

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The update profile property flow action allows you to collect and track profile data as people move through flows.

This flow action allows you to:

  • Update an existing profile property
  • Remove an existing profile property
  • Create and set a new profile property

Add the Update Profile Property Action


The update profile property flow action can be placed on any path in a flow series. Once you add this action, it will be in draft by default. There are three ways you can use this action to update profiles:

  1. Update Existing Property
    This option allows you to update the value of an existing custom property. If the property you select is a list of values, you can choose to add or remove a value from the list. If the property doesn’t yet exist for a recipient profile, the property will first be created and then the value will be updated.

    Klaviyo automatically detects and validates the data type of the property you choose. For example, if you have a property like "Age" and all the existing values are numbers, then you try to update the value to "tom" we'll display an error because "tom" is not a number.

  2. Remove Profile Property
    The option allows you to remove an existing custom property from a profile. This will not only clear a value, but fully remove the property from the profile

  3. Create Profile Property
    This option allows you to create a brand new custom property and assign the value. If the property already exists for a given recipient profile, we’ll update the value. Here, you can also configure the data type for the new property:
    • TextThis is any regular string of text, like "Tom" or "Chocolate."
    • NumberThis is any numeric value, like 0, 5, or 750.
    • List:  This is a list of values, and we'll let you input all the values you want to be part of your new list.
    • Boolean: A boolean is a binary variable, having two possible values, “true” and “false." You can select true or false from a dropdown.

In some cases, you may want to enact several different profiles updates at once. Within a single action, you can add as many steps as you’d like. Steps will by default occur in the order you add them in, but you can re-order steps by dragging them.

This flow action can only be used to update custom properties associated with a profile. It's not currently possible to create, update, or remove special Klaviyo-reserved properties (like email address) using this feature.

If you have multiple update profile property actions placed next to each other, add at least a one-minute time delay between them so the updates do not interfere with each other. 

View Activity

You can see a summary of who is waiting and who has moved through this step in the lefthand panel.


If you click View All Activity, you will be able to see the following:

  • Who is scheduled and in Waiting
  • Who is in Needs Review (if the flow component is/was in manual mode)
  • Who has successfully moved through the component and is Completed
  • Who was Skipped due to failing the flow filters or otherwise no longer qualifying at send time

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