Troubleshooting empty cards on analytics dashboards

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Learn how to troubleshoot and fix empty cards that are appearing your analytics dashboard (also referred to as the overview dashboard).

Troubleshooting empty cards

If you do not have data in specific cards, you will see an empty card, as shown below.

In order to pull in data, adjust the date range to include a longer period or select a different conversion metric.

Example of an empty Campaign Performance Card with no data

For SMS, campaign, flow, and deliverability performance cards that appear blank, this may relate to the time or conversion metric you chose or if you did not send any flows or campaigns during this time.

Example of an empty Flow Performance card showing zeroes for all conversions and a blank chart

If you see a card that notes “Something is wrong,” there may have been a brief issue processing your data. Manually refresh the dashboard to reload this card.

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