How to Redirect Opted-In Subscribers to a Custom Page

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Once someone signs up for a Klaviyo list, by default, they will be redirected to the Confirm Your Email or Opt-In Confirmed page for that list. If you'd like to direct new subscribers to a different URL instead, you can set that up on the Subscribe Pages tab for your list. 

Redirect Opted-In Subscribers to a Custom URL

First, navigate to the list that subscribers sign up to and click Subscribe Pages > View All Pages > Confirm Your Email.

The redirect setting is in the top right of the editor.


Enter the URL you'd like to redirect people to, click Save, and the redirect setting will turn green.

You can remove this redirect by clicking on the redirect setting and clearing it.

Best Practices

If you use a custom redirect and your list is double opt-in, be sure to remind new subscribers to check their inboxes for a confirmation email.

If your list is single opt-in, make sure your form's success message is adjusted from the default, since the default encourages new subscribers to check their email to confirm their opt-in.

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