How to send a personal email in Klaviyo

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Learn how to email a single recipient in Klaviyo. To learn how to send a message to a group of contacts all at once, head to Guide to creating and sending an email campaign.

Create a personal email

  1. Locate a recipient’s profile by searching for their name or email address in the Search for someone… field at the top of your Klaviyo window
  2. Click Messages in the top right corner of their profile 
  3. Click Send Email
  4. Complete the message details (e.g., subject line and sender address) 
  5. Choose a message type (drag and drop, text only, or HTML)
    • Drag and drop is the most popular choice
  6. Click Continue to Email
  7. Choose a template (if required) and add in your custom content
  8. Click Save Content when the message is ready
  9. Click Schedule & Send Email 
  10. Choose a date and time for the message to send (i.e., send now or schedule for a future time), then click Schedule Email

If you're attempting to re-send a flow or campaign email, be sure to save the original email as a template. Then, select Use Template > My Templates and select your saved template. Please note that if you're using a flow template that contains dynamic event data (e.g., an abandoned cart block), this data will not populate in a personal email.

If you have coupons with codes already generated in Klaviyo, you can include these in personal emails as well. 

Do not send personal messages to profiles that are suppressed from marketing emails, or to SMS-only profiles. To send a personal SMS in Klaviyo, use SMS conversations

Cancel a scheduled personal message

You can only cancel a personal message if it hasn’t been sent yet. Personal messages sent using the Send Now button and messages with a scheduled send time in the past cannot be canceled. 

  1. From a profile’s Messages tab, navigate to the Scheduled/Draft section 
    • If your scheduled message does not appear in the Scheduled/Draft section, it has already been sent and cannot be canceled 
  2. Hover over the personal message you’d like to cancel in the list of recent messages 
  3. Click Delete

Edit a scheduled personal message

To edit a scheduled message that has not yet been sent, first save the message as a template (if desired), cancel the message, then create a new personal message

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