How to Save an Email Template

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Saving email templates is an easy way to cut down time building your campaigns or flow emails. Saved templates can be used as a starting point for future emails. From the Email Templates tab, you can build out a template directly or edit saved email templates. 

Save an Email as a Template

For a flow email, or draft campaign email, click on the email you would like to save, go to the Email Content > Edit Content. Here, you will see the option to Save as Template.


Once your email is saved as a template, it will appear in the Email Templates tab.

You can save a sent campaign email as a template by selecting the right menu and choosing Add to Email Templates from the main campaign page.


Starting from Scratch

When configuring a new email, you will first see a window with the prompt: What type of email would you like to create?

Here, select Select Template > Choose Template from Library. Navigate to the Your Templates tab and find and select your saved template.

Switching to a Saved Template

If you have already started configuring your email, it is not too late to switch and use a saved template instead. To do this, go to the email content window and select Change Template dropdown.

2019-09-16_17-06-54.pngNext, select Use Template and choose a template from the library. In the template library, head to Your Templates, find your saved template, and click Select.

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