Email a Single Person Using Klaviyo



To email a single person in Klaviyo, you must build the email from the person's Klaviyo Profile.


Once a personal email has been scheduled, it cannot be edited or canceled.

Create a Personal Email

To email a single person in Klaviyo, first navigate to this person's profile. You can search for any contact by typing his/her name or email address into the Search for someone... box visible at the top of your account page.

Once you have found the person's profile in Klaviyo, click the paper plane icon in the top right. From there, click the Send Email button.


Design & Send Email

You will need to choose what type of email you'd like to create:


To use a template you've saved already for re-use:

  1. Select Use Template (choose template from library); if you are attempting to re-send a flow or campaign email, be sure to save this email as a template and please note that if you're using a flow template contains dynamic event (an abandoned cart block, for example), this data will not populate in a personal email
  2. In the template library window choose Your Templates
  3. Find your saved template and click select

You can then choose to send the email immediately, or schedule the email to send at a later time.

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