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Learn how to migrate your subscriber lists from MadMimi to Klaviyo through Klaviyo’s direct integration with MadMimi. Once you integrate your Klaviyo account with MadMimi, Klaviyo will sync some or all or your existing subscriber lists depending on what setting you choose.

Be sure to check out our general checklist that covers how to migrate to Klaviyo from a different Email Service Provider (ESP).

Integrate with MadMimi

  1. In Klaviyo, click your account name in the lower left corner and select Integrations
  2. Select All Integrations 
  3. Search for MadMimi and then click Add Integration
    Integrations tab in Klaviyo showing MadMimi card with text Add Integration
  4. On the settings page, enter the username / email you use to login to MadMimi
  5. Enter your MadMimi API Key (learn how to find your MadMimi API Key)
    MadMimi integration settings page in Klaviyo showing Username Email, API Key, and Only sync specific lists settings with Connect to MadMimi with blue background
  6. Under Advanced Options, you can select Only sync specific lists to allow you to pick the specific lists you want to sync from MadMimi
  7. If you select Only sync specific lists, enter a comma separated list of MadMimi list IDs you would like to sync with Klaviyo; otherwise, Klaviyo will sync all of your lists
  8. Click Connect to MadMimi

Monitor the data sync

  1. To check on your integration, navigate to your Klaviyo account's Lists & Segments tab via the Audience dropdown
  2. Here, you should begin to see your MadMimi lists populate in Klaviyo; these lists will be synced with subscribers from your MadMimi lists
  3. Once the MadMimi integration has a green border next to it in the Integrations tab, your data has fully synced

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