How to import a custom HTML template

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Learn how to import a custom HTML template into Klaviyo. 

We only recommend using custom HTML for technically savvy marketers, or for anyone who has access to a developer. While our product does support custom HTML, our support team cannot help you build out your custom templates beyond offering the general guidance covered in this documentation. To maintain the security of your data, Klaviyo's support team is not able to open your HTML files.

Upload a custom HTML template

Custom HTML templates must be .html files and must include an unsubscribe link (i.e., an {% unsubscribe %} or {% unsubscribe_link %} tag). Learn more about unsubscribes in Klaviyo.  

  1. Navigate to Content > Templates.
  2. Click Create Template.
  3. Toggle to Import.
    The Import button in the create template tool
  4. Enter a name for your template and upload the HTML file of your template.
  5. Upload any images or assets referenced in your HTML.
  6. Click Import Template.
Removing unsupported template tags and variables

When you export a template from a different email service provider, it may contain tags and variables that aren’t supported by Klaviyo. Before you import your HTML file, remove those tags (and, if needed, replace them with Klaviyo tags or variables).

A template with unsupported tags

The HTML of a template that includes unsupported tags

For example, see the message and HTML below. This message was exported from another email service provider and contains template tags for the current year, a company’s address, and more. These external tags and variables are not compatible with Klaviyo.

Klaviyo template tags and variables are contained within curly brackets. Variables are surrounded by two pairs of curly brackets (e.g., {{ first_name }}), and template tags are surrounded by a pair of curly brackets and percent symbols (e.g., {% unsubscribe %}). If the template tags and variables in your template are denoted by other characters, Klaviyo will not support them.

Add images and attachments (optional)

You can reference images and attachments by uploading a zip file that includes your attachments and referencing them by their filename within your template.

When you click to import your template, these images and assets are automatically added to our CDN and their references are updated within your template.

Add hidden preview text to a custom HTML template

If you’d like to set the preview text for a custom HTML template (rather than letting inboxes pull preview text from your message content), add the code block below to your template. This code should be added immediately after the opening <body> tag of your template.

<div style="display:none; font-size:1px; line-height:1px; max-height:0px; max-width:0px; opacity:0; overflow:hidden;">
Insert preview text here.

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