View Raw Metric or Event Data in Klaviyo


This article will cover how to view the raw event data Klaviyo is receiving from an integration or from your API calls. This can be useful if you want to verify the data Klaviyo records along with a given event, or simply review this data to better understand the data getting recorded.

Find Raw Metric Data

To view raw metric or event data, go to the Metrics tab in Klaviyo and find the metric you're interested in. Next, click on the second icon to view the Activity Feed for that metric.


While viewing the Activity Feed, click on the timestamp for any event to display the event's raw data in an Event Details pane. 634852

Pick your View

There are two views here in the Event Details pane: the Pretty view and the JSON view

The Pretty view contains a collapsable tree with data sorted alphabetically, making it easy to browse and find the property you're interested in.634853The JSON view allows you to view and copy a JSON version of the event data.634854

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