How to resend a campaign to people skipped by a list-triggered flow

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Learn how to build a segment of people who should have received a list-triggered flow and send them a campaign. The main reason you would want to send a campaign to a group of people who were skipped by a list-triggered flow (for example, a welcome series) is if you have an existing flow, but a number of people were skipped by a flow email for some reason. Perhaps you initially had the wrong filters on the flow, or Smart Sending was on by mistake.

This approach works best when you have to resend to a large group of people or if you need to resend an SMS message; if you instead only need to send to a few people, check out our guide on resending emails in Klaviyo.

If you would like to email people who qualified for the flow's conditions before you created the flow, you should instead back-populate the flow

Build a segment of contacts skipped by a flow

  1. Click Audience in the Klaviyo sidebar.
  2. Choose Lists & Segments
  3. Click Create List / Segment
  4. Choose Segment
  5. Build a segment with conditions that exactly match the trigger and event filters of the flow. For example, if your flow is triggered by the list Email list and has no flow filters, use the segment definition If someone is in or not in a list > is in > Email list.
  6. Add an AND condition with these criteria: 
    What someone has done > Received Email > zero times over all time > where Message equals [your flow message name].
    A segment of profiles in a list who have not received a welcome flow message.
  7. Click Create Segment

Save the flow message as a template (email only)

  1. Click Flows in the Klaviyo sidebar. 
  2. Locate the list-triggered flow you'd like to resend and click to open it. 
  3. Locate the email you'd like to resend and click it.
  4. Choose Edit from the left-hand panel.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow beside the Edit Content button (not the button itself).
  6. Click Save as Template.
  7. Name and save your template.

Create a campaign

  1. Navigate to your Campaigns tab in Klaviyo.
  2. Click Create Campaign.
  3. Choose email or SMS based on the type of message you'd like to send. 
  4. In the Send to field, choose the segment you created in the first section of this article. 
  5. Toggle off the Don't send to recently emailed profiles setting. 
  6. Click Continue to Content
  7. Click Drag and Drop (if sending an email), then choose the template you saved in the last section.
  8. Set a subject line and preview text, then click Continue to Review
  9. Schedule the message to send immediately or at a later time.

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