How to run a contest or giveaway using subscribe pages

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Learn how to run a contest or giveaway by customizing a Klaviyo subscribe page for a specific list so that you can generate new subscribers. While you can accomplish this using a third-party tool that integrates with Klaviyo, you can also run a contest strictly using Klaviyo.

For both methods, you'll need to:

  • Connect your subscribe page to a Klaviyo list that is separate from your main subscriber list.
  • Take a random sample of 1 to determine the winner.
  • Use engagement criteria to integrate contest/giveaway subscribers into your engaged main segment.

Set up a way for people to enter the contest

  1. Create a list that is dedicated to the contest by navigating to Audience > Lists & Segments > Create List / Segment.
    the list's and segments tab with the button to create a new list or segment selected
  2. Once you've created and named your list, choose to Configure a Subscribe Page, so that you can link to this page in emails and other social channels.
    the option to configure a subscribe page selected for how to add people to the new list
  3. A modal will populate informing you that the new list is currently using your account's default consent pages. Choose to override these default pages by clicking Customize for this List.
    the subscribe page tile with the option to customize consent pages for this list selected
  4. Under Subscribe page, hover over the page name and click Edit Page.
    the subscribe page tile with edit page selected
  5. Using the editor, customize the design and style to match your brand.
  6. Recommended: Add a checkbox to indicate whether a registrant accepts marketing or not.
    • Oftentimes, the leads you get from running a contest aren't as high quality as your typical leads, so asking them if they want to receive future emails gives you engagement criteria that you can use to message them later on. 
      example subscribe page in the builder with a checkbox asking if recipients accept marketing, and the corresponding profile property set to accepts marketing
    • For example, if someone has the profile property "Accepts Marketing" equals "Yes" on their profile, you can add them to your engaged segment.
      example condition showing properties about someone with accepts marketing equals yes
  7. Once you're finished editing, click Publish.

You can copy the subscribe page URL from the overview menu in the subscribe page editor to share in emails or other marketing campaigns. Recipients who click on this link will be brought to your subscribe page where they can sign up for your contest.

the subscribe page URL copied from the overview menu within the subscribe page editor

Take a random sample to choose the winner

When it comes time for you to choose the winner of your contest, you can simply:

  1. Go to Manage List > Sample List Members.
  2. Create a sample size of 1.


This will randomly select a winner from the pool of registrants.

How to market to contest or giveaway subscribers

Research has shown that subscribers acquired from a contest or giveaway are less likely to make a purchase than your typical subscribers. Because of this, you should consider these contacts lower-quality leads and market to them differently than your typical subscribers. If you do not use a Klaviyo subscribe page and include an "Accepts Marketing" property, you can still filter these leads by following the instructions below.

There are a few guidelines to follow when integrating the most engaged contest/giveaway subscribers into your main segment. These include creating a separate list for the contest, creating a welcome series, and adding conditions to your engaged segment. 

Keep your contest/giveaway subscribers in a separate list

It's best practice to keep your contest or giveaway subscribers in a list that's separate from your main list. You should always create a new list to use when running a contest or giveaway so you can keep track of this.

If you're using a third-party integration, be sure to keep these contacts in a separate list. You can create one "main" list for all your contest/giveaway subscribers if you run these initiatives frequently.

Create a specific welcome series for your contest list

Create a specific welcome series flow for everyone added to your contest/giveaway list that contains 2-3 emails sent over the course of a week. These messages should:

  • Be explicit in your content about why subscribers are receiving these messages.
  • Use subject lines that remind recipients that they signed up for the contest/giveaway.
  • Have a clear call-to-action that allows contacts to unsubscribe if they no longer want to receive marketing from you.

Note that you can also create an SMS welcome flow if you are collecting phone numbers and SMS consent in your subscribe page.

Add conditions to your engaged main segment

Do not email contest/giveaway subscribers who did not engage with your welcome series, as this can harm your deliverability. Instead, add the following conditions to your main segment to include people who opened or clicked at least one email in your contest-specific welcome series flow.

conditions added to a segment to include people who opened or clicked at least one email in your contest welcome series

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