Account Verification

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At Klaviyo, we take sending seriously. We look at every single account that signs up to ensure they are a real business sending emails to opted-in recipients. One of the ways we do this is with an initial Account Verification Check.

When you send or schedule your first campaign or turn your first flow live, we take a deep look at your account. Our sophisticated algorithms look at more than a dozen different attributes of your account to confirm it is legitimate.

We believe that the best businesses both help and protect their customers. In the world of email, there are many shared infrastructure elements. One key to the success of this infrastructure is keeping the reputation and performance of those elements pristine. This starts with each individual account.

If at any time you disagree with the findings of our Account Verification Check, please contact our Success Team.

We are dedicated to helping businesses be more successful with their owned marketing. This check makes sure that great businesses like yours are protected and are set up for success on Klaviyo.

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