How to resend a campaign that exceeded account sending limits

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Learn why a campaign may have been canceled with the error message "Your campaign CAMPAIGN_NAME was automatically canceled for exceeding account sending limits." Then, learn how to resend the message to recipients who were skipped.

Why a campaign was canceled 

Klaviyo will automatically cancel campaigns when the testing pool exceeds an account's monthly sending limits. If a campaign is canceled for this reason, it will not automatically continue sending if you later upgrade your plan. 

To view your account's current monthly sending limit:

  1. Click your company name in the bottom-left corner of Klaviyo.
  2. Click Account & billing
    A Klaviyo user accesses the Account and Billing tab
  3. Locate the Profiles + email card to view your current email limits and monthly usage, or the SMS card to view your SMS limits and usage. 

How to avoid exceeding sending limits

To avoid messages being canceled when you reach your monthly sending limit, turn on the auto-upgrade billing option. With this option turned on, Klaviyo will move you up automatically to the next plan level if you exceed your current plan’s limits. Learn how to turn on auto-upgrade billing

Once you have done so, to continue sending the campaign: 

  1. Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab. 
  2. Create a segment with the following definition:
    What someone has done > Received Email > at least once over all time > where > Campaign Name equals [your campaign name].
    A segment of people who have already received your email
  3. Navigate to your Campaigns tab and find the canceled campaign.
  4. In the Actions menu, click Clone.
    A Klaviyo user clones a canceled campaign
  5. Exclude the segment you created in step 2 from the cloned campaign.
  6. Send the campaign.

By following the steps above, no one who received your message before you ran out of funds will receive the second, re-sent campaign. 

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