How to remove email suppressions in bulk

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Learn how to remove certain types of suppressions (manual, unsubscribed, and marked as spam suppressions) by subscribing a CSV of profiles to a list. 


Only use this method to remove suppressions for profiles that have explicitly opted in to email marketing. Following these steps will add a Subscribed to List event to the profile, indicating that they’ve opted in. Subscribing someone who has not explicitly opted in can lead to spam complaints, poor deliverability, damage to your sender reputation, and legal action in some locations. 

Before you begin

Before you proceed with manually subscribing a group of profiles, consider whether every person on the list wants to receive marketing from you. Ask yourself: 

  • How did these profiles become suppressed?
  • Have these profiles indicated that they want to receive email from me now? 

To learn more about profiles and consent, head to Understanding consent in profiles.

Identify suppressed users who would like to be subscribed 

Start by identifying the profiles who would like to be subscribed to email, but are currently suppressed. To find all profiles that are suppressed for email: 

  1. Navigate to the Audience > Profiles tab. 
  2. In the top-right corner, click Suppressed Profiles.
  3. Click Export CSV.
  4. In Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet tool, identify the profiles who have indicated they would like to resubscribe.

The exported CSV will contain all suppressed profiles from your account. You must separately identify which of these profiles have consented to resubscribe. 

Upload your list

Once you’ve identified the suppressed profiles who want to be resubscribed in a new CSV, upload those profiles to a Klaviyo list. 

  1. Navigate to the Audience > Lists & Segments tab.
  2. Choose an existing list (not a segment) or click Create List/Segment > List to create a new list. 
  3. From the Manage List menu, click Import Contacts.
  4. Select your file. 
  5. On the Import review page, deselect all rows except Email.
  6. Beneath the Email row, click Subscribe to Email Marketing and confirm that the profiles have explicitly opted into email marketing in the modal that appears.
  7. Click the Import Review button. 
  8. Click Start Import.


Once your upload is complete, navigate to any profile from the CSV to confirm it is no longer suppressed and has been subscribed to a list. Only manual, unsubscribe, and marked as spam suppressions will be lifted; deliverability suppressions (e.g., hard bounces) will not be removed from these profiles. 

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