How to Access Klaviyo's New Email Template Editor

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Learn how to access Klaviyo’s new template editor and try out new features, like Sections or adding background images to a call to action. The new template editor features an updated interface, undo/redo buttons, sections to organize content, and streamlined preview tools. 

Access the New Template Editor 

To use the new template editor, head to your Email Templates tab. Click Create Template > Use New Editor. This will open a simple template in Klaviyo’s new template editor, which you can then customize to match your brand. 

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You can make as many templates with the new editor as you’d like. Once you’ve created one branded template in the new editor, either clone it to create a copy, or click Create Template > Use New Editor again to create another default template and start from scratch. 

Convert Existing Templates to the New Editor

The ability to convert and edit your existing templates in the new editor will be available with an upcoming release. In the meantime, use this opportunity to explore the new editor and learn how to use its new features. 

Upcoming Improvements

Klaviyo’s team has additional features and improvements planned for the new template editor, which will be implemented in the coming months. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the new editor, share them with our product team

This form is for feedback only, and cannot be used to access Klaviyo support. For help with your new editor template, reach out to the support team

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