How to tell subscribers about a change in phone number

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Learn how to properly inform subscribers when you switch your phone number. 

Before you begin

When you change your phone number, it’s important to keep subscribers informed and set the right expectations. First, send a final text message from your current (old) number that informs subscribers of the switch; then, once you switch numbers, send a message confirming the change. 

This is required in some jurisdictions (e.g., in the US, it’s required under CTIA guidelines), and is, in general, a best practice. Note that if you’re switching providers, these messages are usually not required when you keep the same sending number; however, your previous SMS provider may require you to send these messages. 

Send a final message from your current number

About one week before you change numbers, send one last message from your current phone number. In this message, include the following: 

  • Your organization’s/brand’s name
  • Your new phone number
  • Key details about the transition, like support/contact care information (e.g., “Reply HELP for help”)
  • Opt-out language (e.g., “Text STOP to unsubscribe”)

We recommend keeping this message as simple as possible. While it’s fine to include personalization if you want to, avoid using images, GIFs, and emojis. 

Example text: "[Organization Name]: We're changing our number! From now on, we'll send from [Insert New Number]. Text STOP to opt out, and HELP for help." 

Example of a final text from an old number before switching

Craft the first text from your new number

For your first message from your new number, include the following: 

  • Your organization’s/brand’s name
  • The recurring-SMS program’s name or product description
  • Support/customer care information (e.g., “Reply HELP for help”)
  • How to opt out (e.g., “Text STOP to unsubscribe”)
  • Disclosure that message and data rates may apply
  • Disclosure for message frequency

Example text: "[Organization Name]: Hi from our new number! Thanks for sticking with us. [Add offer, if desired]. Text STOP to opt out, HELP for help. Msg & data rates may apply. Msgs are recurring."

Example of a first text from a new number


Sending these messages helps: 

  • Your customers understand why they're getting texts from a new number.
  • You stay compliant when migrating to a new number.

Don't be alarmed if these messages show a higher unsubscribe rate than your other SMS. This is expected for any business changing numbers, as it's normal for migration messages to have an opt-out rate of ~2.5%. 

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