How to add a notification action to a flow

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Learn how to use the notification flow action to email people when someone first triggers or reaches a particular point in a flow. It sends internal notifications to your team around certain activities that require specific follow-up or attention; for example, notifying your customer experience team when someone leaves a detractor NPS score, or alerting your sales team when someone is added to a wholesale or VIP list.

Wile these notification emails can be sent to any confirmed email addresses, recipients do not need to have customer profiles in your account, all notification emails sent do count toward any account email sending limits.

There is a maximum limit of 5 recipients per notification action.

Add the notification action

To add a new notification action into a flow:

  1. Drag the notification action from the sidebar and drop it on any green drop point.
    The notification action element selected in the left sidebar of the flow builder.
  2. After adding a new notification to your flow, you will need to specify at least one but no more than five recipients in the left sidebar. Recipients do not need to be account users or have profiles in your Klaviyo account, but notification actions have their own recipient opt-in process.
  3. After you complete the configuration process and click Save, all new or unconfirmed recipients will receive an email prompting them to confirm opt-in to receive notifications from your account. See our article on the Recipient Opt-In and Opt-Out Process process for more information.
    Dropdown of recipients for a notification action
  4. Next, customize the From, From / Reply-To Email, Subject, and Message sections.
  5. When customizing your message content, you can include personalization variables that will populate with information regarding the contact that reached this step in the flow — i.e., the contact triggering the notification. For metric-triggered flows, you can also use event variables in your message.

You will not be able to use the following in your message:

  • Dynamic coupons
  • Data or product feeds
  • Webview, preference, or unsubscribe link tags

Content editor for a notification action found in the left sidebar of the flow builder.

To start sending this notification automatically, change the status to live either in the left-hand panel or directly on the component in the flow. 

Status dropdown of an individual flow message.

View activity

When reviewing your notification action, you can see a summary of how many notifications are currently scheduled and how many have been sent in the left-hand panel. Scheduled notifications will appear as Waiting.

Email address of notification action recipient found in the left sidebar of the flow builder.

Click View All Activity to view the following:

  • Notifications that are scheduled and in Waiting
  • Notifications in Needs Review (if the flow component is/was in manual mode)
  • Notifications that were Sent
  • Notifications that were Skipped

The recipient activity view will show you, for each notification triggered, who received the notification message. Keep in mind that notifications will only send to actively confirmed recipients saved as part of your Send To list.

Notification action activity tab that displays the recipients and time of notification.

If all intended recipients are Unconfirmed or Disabled at send time, we will skip the notification entirely and you will see this reflected in the Skipped: No Confirmed Recipients tab of this activity view.

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