How to Back-Populate a Flow

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Back-populating allows you to retroactively schedule profiles for a flow. This way, you can populate people in your flow who would have been queued if the flow was set live earlier. This feature is available for list-, segment-, and metric-triggered flows. As for date-based flows, back-populating isn't necessary since Klaviyo will automatically check to see if and where profiles should fall in a date-based flow's timeline. This article explains how to back-populate a flow. 

You cannot back-populate a flow that contains dynamic coupons. If you have any dynamic coupons, please change them to static coupons before back-populating.

Back-Populating Flows

To back-populate a flow, click on the Flows tab, and then on the name of the flow. Click on the Manage Flow dropdown in the header and click Back-Populate Flow Recipients.


Please note that if you are back-populating a flow with one or more SMS messages in it, you will want to review the message sending speeds associated with your account for a more accurate representation of when your text messages will actually go out.

For more details about back-populating, read Back-Populating Flows in Klaviyo

List- and Segment-Triggered Flows

For list- and segment-triggered flow, choose one of the following options: 

  • Schedule for each step relative to the date someone was added to my list/segment
  • Schedule for each step relative to when I click the back-populate button


Then, click Back-Populate Flow.  

Metric-Triggered Flows

There is only one option for metric-triggered flows: profiles will be queued for messages relative to when they triggered the flow. 


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