How to edit coupons in Klaviyo

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You can edit all coupons that Klaviyo generates. However, you will not be able to edit a coupon if it’s used in a campaign that is scheduled or currently sending — the campaign will need to be cancelled first. You will also not be able to edit uploaded coupons in Klaviyo. In this article, we discuss how to edit existing coupons in Klaviyo.

Edit an Existing Coupon

Navigate to the Coupons tab. Then, click the name of the coupon that you want to edit. 

The coupon creation modal will pop up with the current information filled in. You can edit any part of this coupon except the name, including the discount type and amount, expiration date, and the minimum order subtotal.


To change any part of the coupon, simply update the relevant area with new information. When you generate new codes for this coupon, they will contain the new information.

Information on Updating Coupon Codes

All codes that were generated and not sent before the edit will be deleted, so you do not need to manually go in and delete any codes. However, if a coupon code with an old definition has already been sent to a customer, it will not be updated.

For instance, say you had a coupon that offered $10 off and you generated 100 codes, 30 of which have been sent through a flow. You then edit the coupon to be a 20% discount. In this case, the 70 original codes not already sent will be deleted and the 30 that were sent will contain the $10 discount (not the 20%).

If the coupon is used in a flow, 100 codes will auto-generate when you save. This allows flows to immediately send the latest version of any coupon.

To learn about viewing a coupon’s history, check out this article.

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