How to resend emails in Klaviyo

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Learn about the two methods for resending flow and campaign emails in Klaviyo. Note that you can only resend emails and not SMS messages.

The ability to resend flow and campaign emails can be very beneficial when the need arises. Suppose that a customer reaches out because they can’t find the email with their welcome coupon from your flow. You want customers, particularly first-time customers, to receive this email. The best thing to do is resend the message. You can also resend messages if you notice that someone was skipped for any reason; e.g., due to Smart Sending.

There are two ways you can resend any flow or campaign email to a single recipient:

  • From an individual profile’s personal Inbox
  • From the Recipient Activity view of a message

You can only resend messages marked as sent or skipped in Klaviyo. If a message is currently scheduled to go out or was cancelled, you cannot resend it. Currently, you must also resend messages one at a time. 

Resending from a profile

If you want to resend a flow or campaign message for a certain recipient:

  1. First, navigate to their Klaviyo profile.
  2. Next, navigate to their Messages inbox and find the email you wish to resend within either the Sent or Skipped tab.
  3. Click Resend.

The Resend option can be found to the right of the right of the message title under Actions.

Resending from recipient activity

You can also resend from the Recipient Activity tab for both flows and campaigns. Note that after you click the Resend button, and the display will show as Sent. Refreshing the page will clear the message, and you will be able to resend the message again.

When a previously skipped email is resent, the record of the original skip will remain and the contact will not appear under the Delivered tab. By resending, Klaviyo will trigger an email with the same content again, but this will not change the record of the original send. You will, however, be able to track that the resent email was received on the contact profile’s Activity Feed, and the subsequent opens and clicks will also be tracked.

Resending flows

For resending flow messages:

  1. Navigate to the specific flow and flow message.
  2. Click View all Analytics on the left-hand side.
  3. Navigate to the Recipient Activity tab. Here, you can review all messages that were both delivered and skipped and choose to resend a message for a given recipient
  4. Keep in mind that when you resend a flow email, we will not apply any flow filters. Clicking Resend will immediately send the message to the recipient without any filters applied. Smart Sending is also not applied to resends.You can view the resent message in the Recipients tab.

Resending campaigns

The process of resending a campaign is almost identical to that of flows.

  1. Click into the campaign that you want to resend.
  2. Navigate to the Recipient Activity tab.
  3. Hover over the profile who you want to resend the campaign to.
  4. Click the Resend button. Note that Smart Sending is not applied to resends.
    The campaign Recipient tab looks almost identical to the flows version.

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