Send a Campaign to People Skipped by a Metric-Triggered Flow

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The main reason you would want to send a campaign to a group of people who were skipped by a metric-triggered flow (for example, an abandoned cart or post-purchase flow) is if you have an existing flow, but a number of people were skipped by a flow email for some reason. Perhaps you initially had the wrong filters on the flow, or Smart Sending was on by mistake.

This guide will walk through how to build a segment of people who should have received a metric-triggered flow and send them a campaign email. If you are instead interested in sending a campaign to people who were skipped by a list-triggered flow, like a welcome series, check out our guide on this topic.

If you would like to email people who qualified for the flow's conditions before you created the flow, you should instead back-populate the flow. For example, if you create a winback flow and would like to email people who purchased six months ago and would qualify to receive this message now, you should instead back-populate the flow.

Send a Campaign to Contacts Skipped by a Metric-Triggered Flow

In your Flows tab, select the appropriate flow. Then, choose the email that contacts were skipped from. In the lefthand panel, there is a count of people who were skipped. Click this and you will be brought to the Recipient Activity tab for that flow email.


Here, you can export this list of contacts as a CSV. Please note that you will only have the ability to export these contacts if you are an Owner, Admin, or Analyst.


Then, upload this CSV as a new list.

Once you have the list set up, you can send this group a campaign with the flow email's content

Keep in mind that dynamic data can only be populated in live flows, not campaigns. This means that it isn't possible to send a bulk campaign where the email populates with dynamic information for each recipient, for example, the item they left in their cart or purchased.

This comes into play most often when Klaviyo users would like to send an "Abandoned Cart Campaign." While it is possible to identify and email these contacts, it isn't possible to send a campaign to this group and feature the items each recipient left behind in their cart. It also isn't possible to resend a flow email to someone and have dynamic event data populate. In these cases, the best approach is to make the email more generic.

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