Understanding the Flows tab

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Learn how to navigate and use the various features of the Flows tab in Klaviyo to manage and find flows in your account. This is especially helpful if you have or plan on creating many different flows.

Before you begin

Before you can view the list of flows, you must first create at least one flow. See getting started with flows to learn the basics of flow creation.

When visiting the Flows tab, if you have no flows in your account, you will be prompted to create different types of pre-built flows from our flow library. You will see more options if you have an ecommerce integration installed.

The Flows tab when you have no flows in your account.

View your flows

To view the list of flows in your account, click Flows in the main Klaviyo navigation sidebar.
The link to the Flows tab highlighted in the main navigation sidebar.

Here, you will see a list of all the flows in your account and various options for managing and filtering.

The Flows tab showing the list of flows in the account along with dropdowns for various filtering options.Filter options

Above the list of flows, there are several options you can use to filter the flows list to only display certain types of flows. You can have multiple filter options active at once to narrow down your search.

The various dropdown options for filtering flows that appear in the flows list view.

Starting from the left, the options are:

  • Search flows
    Type a word or phrase in the search bar to display flows that contain the search term in their name.
  • Select status
    Filter for flows by the status of the flow: Live, Manual, Draft
  • Select tags
    Select one or more flow tags in your account to only display flows with those tags applied. Learn more from our article on how to use tags to organize flows
  • Last updated
    Filter for flows based on if they were updated within a specific timeframe: Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days.
  • Select metric
    Filter for flows that are triggered by a specific metric such as Placed Order or Checkout Started. The available metrics depend on your ecommerce integration.

Flow list view

The list of flows has multiple columns showing information about each flow. Click the name of a column to sort by that column’s values in ascending or descending order.

Starting from the left, the columns are:

  • Flow name
    The name you gave the flow, which you can click to open the flow builder for that flow.
  • Type
    Icons for the type of messages and actions used in the flow including: Email, SMS, Push, A/B test, Webhook, Notification, and Transactional.
    Icons for various elements that can be found in a flow.
  • Status
    The status of the flow: Live, Manual, Draft; When a flow has multiple messages with different statuses, it will be listed as live if there is at least one live message in the flow. If there are no live messages but at least one manual message, the flow will be listed as manual. A flow is only listed as draft if all messages are drafts.
  • Last updated
    The date when each flow was last updated based on your account’s timezone.
  • Conversions
    The amount of conversions that have occurred based on your configured conversion metric for flows. If you select a metric with a monetary value such as Placed Order, this will show how much revenue is attributed to each flow from your ecommerce integration.
  • Conversion rate
    Each flow’s total conversions divided by the amount of recipients.

Action button

The action button is on the far right of each row of the flow list.
Action button represented as three dots found on the right side of a flow in the flow list view.

Click the action button to view several options for managing the selected flow:

  • Edit details
    Edit the name and tags of the selected flow.
  • Clone
    Create a copy of the selected flow in the current account or an account of your choosing if you manage multiple accounts.
  • Archive
    Move the flow from the main Flows tab to the Flows > Archived view.
  • Delete
    Permanently delete the flow from your Klaviyo account.

Additional resources

Learn more about managing flows:

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