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The Custom Reports Library is a repository of pre-built reports that are designed to answer the business questions that matter most to you. You can either browse all options or refine your search to access the report that fits your needs. In this article, you will learn more about the Custom Reports Library and how to access it in Klaviyo.

The Custom Reports Library

To access the Custom Reports Library, head to Analytics > Custom Reports.


If you have never built a report before, you will see a landing page with more information about our custom reports capabilities. Here, click Create Custom Report or select Getting Started to launch one of our most popular pre-built reports.


You will then access the main reports page. If you are a returning user, this is also the landing page that you will access anytime you navigate to Custom Reports.

In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, you can either create a report from scratch or select a pre-built report. To use a pre-built report, click Reports Library.


When browsing this library, you can refine your search by selecting common questions that apply to your use case.

These questions are bucketed into three categories:

  • Message Performance
    To hone in on how marketing messages perform in Klaviyo
  • Channel Performance
    To focus on how specific channels (i.e., email or SMS) perform in Klaviyo
  • Business Performance
    To view how specific business metrics and products perform

Click into any of these categories to expand a list of questions to choose from. Then, click the checkbox next to any of the questions that apply to you and your use case for generating a report. This will refine your view so that only reports matching these questions will appear in your search.


When you see a report that suits your needs, click into that report. You can then either run that report as is or customize it to better fit your specific needs. To do so, add any relevant metrics, groupings, and filters. Once you run your report, it will save in Klaviyo and you can also choose to export the results.

For more information on what each report type entails and how to customize them, head to About Custom Reports in Klaviyo.

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