Understanding the skipped reason for a flow message

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Learn where to find the skipped reasons as well as what each reason means. Knowing the skipped reason(s) for a message is key to measuring the performance of a flow. It can help you determine if your flow is set up correctly, the message is in the right format, and the right people are receiving your content. 

Keep in mind that while a high number of skips can indicate a problem with your setup, that is not always the case. For instance, abandoned cart flows should always have a lot of skips, as everyone who begins to check out enters the flow, but those who then place an order are skipped due to the Placed Order 0 times since starting this flow filter. 

Finding a flow message's skipped reason(s)

To view the skipped recipients for a flow:

  1. Edit the flow you'd like to view.
  2. Click on a message in the flow that has been skipped.
  3. View the left-hand panel for a given flow message to see the Analytics (Last 30 Days) section. Here, you will see a line for skipped activity.
  4. Click Skipped to view the email's Recipient Activity tab with the Skipped section automatically open. That section shows why individuals have been skipped at send time for the flow message.Under the 'Analytics' section of the flow builder sidebar, you can find the number of skipped profiles listed for the message.


What each skipped reason means

The Skipped dropdown will show you exactly who has been skipped by the flow and why. There are a variety of possible skipped reasons that apply to both email and SMS messages:

  • Smart Sending
    Skipped because smart sending is enabled and they received a message from the same channel (e.g., email or SMS) too recently
  • Person No Longer in List
    Skipped because they are no longer in the trigger list or segment
  • Fails Flow Filters
    Skipped because they don't meet the criteria in the flow filters at send time
  • Fails Additional Filters
    Skipped because they don't meet the criteria specific to this flow email or SMS at send time
  • Person Deleted
    Skipped because the profile no longer existed at send time
  • Action Deleted
    Skipped because the email, SMS, or update profile property action no longer existed at send time

Email-only skipped reasons

Email-specific skipped reasons include:

  • Missing Email
    Skipped because there is no email address associated with their profile
  • Person Suppressed
    Skipped because they unsubscribed or hard bounced from all emails
  • Email Syntax Error
    Skipped because the email template contains a syntax error
  • Catalog Item Unavailable
    Skipped because a product in the rendered email content is currently out of stock or not available
  • Over Email Limit
    Skipped because you went over your account's sending limit
  • Unable to Send Email
    Skipped because we ran into an unexpected error at send time
  • Invalid From Email
    Skipped because the sender email address (i.e., your from address) is not a valid address
  • Error Retrieving External Data
    Skipped because there was an issue retrieving data from an external source (for example, a coupon code from Magento 2 or Shopify)
  • Coupon Category Unavailable
    Skipped because the email contains a placeholder to pull in a dynamic coupon restricted to a certain category, and the category was deleted
  • Unable to Create Coupon 
    Skipped because we were unable to create the coupon due to an error in the coupon itself (e.g., referencing a URL that is no longer valid) or you are sending too many coupons out in a short amount of time. We suggest reviewing all elements of your coupon or adding coupon codes in advance to a campaign.
  • No More Uploaded Coupons Remain
    Skipped because the email contains a placeholder to pull in an uploaded coupon and no more uploaded coupons remain
  • Coupon Code Doesn't Exist
    Skipped because the coupon code you’re referencing in an email either doesn’t exist or doesn’t match the coupon code you created in your Coupons tab; coupon code names are case-sensitive
  • Email Cancelled
    Skipped because the email had been cancelled at or before send time
  • Suspicious Email
    Skipped because this email has hard bounced across the Klaviyo infrastructure
  • Email Dropped 
    When an email was not sent because the email address is suspicious

SMS-only skipped reasons

SMS-specific skipped reasons include:

  • Unable to Send SMS
    Skipped because we ran into an unexpected error at send time
  • Missing SMS Consent
    Skipped because there is no SMS consent timestamp
  • Missing Phone Number
    Skipped because the recipient does not have a phone number associated with their profile
  • Phone Number is Not Valid
    Skipped because the recipient does not have a valid phone number
  • Phone Number is in Country Not Supported by SMS
    Skipped because the recipient's phone number is not in a location where Klaviyo SMS is available
  • No Sending Number
    Skipped because there is no sending number associated with your account; you can add a sending number to your account in Account > Settings > SMS
  • Not Enough Sends Available
    Skipped because you either went over your account's sending limit for SMS messages; you can upgrade your plan in Account > Settings > SMS 

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